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By the third therapy, my headaches have completely stopped ... I'm thrilled!

Ref. dated 13/02/2024, Mrs. Lenka left all 10 sessions.

I had only superficial information about Rolf therapy, only in the sense that it is great and worth trying. Even that was enough for me to come to therapy. 

What surprised me personally was actually "rolfing" itself. I was surprised by the body strokes alone, and how little it takes to make things happen. Because I am hypermobile and often stretch my options, the therapist had to "tame" me and repeat endlessly that "just" movement is enough. I probably "struggled" with this the most, because to me the label "small movement" means a much larger movement than was required. 😀

I perceive the biggest changes in the fact that already from about the third therapy, my headaches, which I had quite often until then - as a result of a blocked and painful cervical spine, completely stopped. I am very grateful and excited about it. 

My body awareness has also deepened. I think I had it at a good level even before (I am a yoga instructor and masseuse), but during the therapy I began to perceive the body from a different point of view. Perception of the central axis, how to turn, how to move. Valuable information that I am trying to implement in my life, including my yoga practice. 

Interesting sessions for me were:


mouth and nose - probably the most - not because it was intense, but because of the feeling afterwards. I try to work with this myself and free up the spaces. 

Overall, I rate the whole time as very beneficial. I think everyone should go through this because our physical bodies deserve such delicate work. Personally, I think most of us are focused on performance and that in order for something to happen, it has to hurt a little. Rolf therapy convinced me that it doesn't have to be like that. That there really can be strength in subtlety. Of course, I knew that before, but sometimes knowing is not enough. It is necessary to constantly remind ourselves of this so that we do not "squeeze" ourselves when giving performance.

Sincere thanks for this experience. I will recommend to everyone.

Lenka K.

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