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My hip doesn't hurt anymore (rolfing feedback)

Ref. 6.2.2023, Mrs. Ivana, 49 years, she left all 10 lessons

Hello Andrea,
I would like to thank you very much for your Rolf therapy. I have already tried a lot of different physiotherapy approaches in my life, but this method in your presentation is clearly at the top. I really liked the sensitivity, patience and smile with which you approached each operation on my body.
Some results, or perhaps feelings, pleasantly surprised me. The greatest experience was from the hour when you adjusted the outside of my thighs. How quickly my body straightened out and my hip pain stopped (or the nerves from the herniated disc that go down and hurt in different places), with what a "shot of energy" it was, was really a surprise. The upper body hold comparison, that's also incredible. I really walk straighter now. And I really felt that my body corrected me a little bit by itself, when, for example, I stand wrong when cooking. Then it was a unique experience, how you "relaxed" my chest and my body really relaxed, and during the next step - returning to the office position, it got stressed again and you managed to quickly relax it again. When walking, my body sort of aligns more into an upright posture and my head wants to be up, not in a forward bend. After every hour, I had a tingling sensation all over my body that went all the way inside, but the feeling was not unpleasant. It's more like warmth poured into the center of my body and stayed there. One of the great experiences was also when I felt the connection of my hands, head and torso... as if separate parts were connected. Overall, it feels more like my body is one and I can feel it. As if I were not only from the outside - I, Iva, but also inside. It's weird when I put it that way. I was very surprised by how incredibly connected a "machine" my body is. Now it occurred to me that it was such a strange feeling that the cells could actually be replaced with each other and everything would still work. It is revealing how the perfect and complete system of my body can change and open my view, feelings, impression of power and unity of perception through its reactions. Thank you very much. Iva

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