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Rolf therapy / Structural integration/ "rolfing"

a new phenomenon in working with the body


About me

Andrea Březinová
Certified masseur a  future Rolf therapist

(actually student 5/2022-3/2024)

I specialize in selected massage techniques, taping, health exercises and Bemer physical vascular stimulation. I am currently studying Rolf therapy.

Rolf therapy/Structural integration is a scientifically proven system of changing the structure (structure and shape) of the body to bring the body into a natural balance. During systematic manual therapy, the entire fascial network in the body is released and reformed.

Another services


        Bemer - Physical Vascular Stimulation

(sales, rental, consultancy - the whole Czech Republic and Europe)

If you can imagine the feeling of your body being graceful, light, balanced, free of pain, stiffness and chronic tension, aligned with itself and the Earth's gravitational field, then you understand the goals of Structural Integration

- Ida Pauline Rolf, PhD.


My head was way forward and my back was bent. I thought I would have to do intense exercises at home, but luckily it was different, I immediately had a different posture

- Pavel describes his experience with

  Rolf therapy

.. I want to thank you for your rolphing therapy. I have already tried a lot of different physiotherapy approaches in my life, but this method in your presentation is clearly at the top. I really liked the sensitivity, patience and smile with which you approached each operation on my body. Some results, or perhaps feelings, pleasantly surprised me. The greatest experience was from the hour when you adjusted the outside of my thighs. How quickly my body straightened out and my hip pain stopped (or the nerves from the herniated disc that go down and hurt in different places), with what a "shot of energy" it was, was really a surprise. The upper body hold comparison, that's also incredible. I really walk straighter now. And I really felt that my body corrected me a little bit by itself, when, for example, I stand wrong when cooking. Then it was a unique experience, how you "relaxed" my chest and my body really relaxed, ...

- Ivana, 49 years old, experience with Rolf therapy during 10 sessions, 7/2022-1/2023


+420 605 886 896    |   |

FyzioBalance Centrum, Moskevská 142/47, Liberec 4, 460 01, Czech Republic

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