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Rolf therapy / Structural integration

A new phenomenon in working with the body


Who is it suitable for?

  • to people of all ages, after injuries, operations, illnesses...

  • people with chronic problems (pains, reduced mobility, feelings of fatigue, ...)

  • physically active and looking to improve fitness, movement and mental fitness


A short description of the basic ten lessons:

A lesson on surface structures

  • Lesson 1: Open the breath and organize the superficial fascia

  • Lesson 2: Create as much stability as possible in the feet and knees

  • Lesson 3: Lateral Line - aligning the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and ear so that they are in line


A lesson on deep structures

  • Lesson 4: Inner Legs and Pelvic Floor

  • Lesson 5: Relationship of superficial and deep abdominal structures

  • Lesson 6: Aligning the sacrum

  • Lesson 7: Head, deep structures of the neck, jaw, mouth, nose

Reflexní terapie


Remedial lessons


  • Lesson 8: Work to create as much pelvic stability as possible

  • Lesson 9: Work on creating as much stability as possible in the shoulders, work on the arms, hands and fingers

  • Lesson 10: Everything You Need to Align the Superficial Fascia

To achieve the expected result, it is recommended to leave all 10 lessons.

The result of SI is always also a feeling of physical fitness and wholeness ... The SI process releases lifelong tension and stiffness of body and mind.

PRICE:as part of my internship during my studies: 5/2022-3/2024

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ CZK 800 / 1 session  (half the regular price)

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