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I have been successfully practicing my own practice for several years. I came to the field of massage, regeneration and reconditioning services after several years of experience in a leadership position at a social organization providing field care services. This experience fundamentally changed my perspective on prevention and body care not only for seniors. I completed my education and after successfully completing requalification courses, I founded FyzioBalance Centrum.

I specialize in selected massage techniques, taping, health exercises and Bemer physical vascular stimulation. 

I am currently studying two years of Structural Integration / Rolf Therapy / Rolf System according to Ida P. Rolf, PhD.

Education, retraining and courses achieved


  • SEŠ Liberec

  • Health exercise instructor (Senior Fitness zs, Prague)

  • Masseur for sports and rehabilitation massages (Remako Akademie, Liberec)

  • Expert Advisor for Bemer Health Technology (Bemer Int. Ag., Liechtenstein)

  • Taping course (Taping School, Liberec)

  • Naturopathic counselor course (Association of naturopathic counselors, Pardubice)

  • Rolf therapy/Structural integration/Rolfing course

        Currently a student in EGS/ASI

     European Guild for Structural Integration_


Massage courses

  • Lymphatic massage - manual lymphatic drainage (Stanislav Flandera medical facility and massage school, Prague)

  • Bowen technique (Bowen Center Dana Švestková, Běstvina)

  • Raindrop technique (Studio Dayal, Prague)

  • Reflexology massage (Remako Academy, Liberec)

  • Classic Swedish massage (Remako Academy Liberec)

  • Diagnostics I, Diagnostics II, Diagnostics III (Massage School Refit, Prague)


My approach

I specialize in problems and pains of the musculoskeletal system, increasing mental and physical performance, shortening recovery time

after injuries and operations, general rehabilitation and regeneration of the body (relief from stress and tension). I combine proven methods that combine the rare and beneficial effects of quality essential oils.

Rolf therapy is an extraordinary benefit for working with the body. After completing 10 lessons, the cause of tension and pain is permanently removed. It is a collaboration with the client, when it is necessary for him to be actively involved according to the therapist's instructions.

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