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It's just great!

Ref. dated 11/08/2023, Mr. Karel, 46 years old, completed all 10 sessions.

Thanks to Rolftherapy, which I underwent at Mrs. Březinová's for back pain and migraine, I got rid of not only these pains.

The body copes with stress much better now, and it only takes a little stretching to release the tension again. Since the pain behind my neck and head bothered me the most, the key thing for me was that the pain gradually appeared less and less until at the end it stopped completely.

Apart from that, however, there have been other important changes. My whole body straightened up, my posture and gait changed completely, and what fascinated me from about the third visit was the complete relaxation of my whole body. I can do without any problems what I tried in vain until then with various exercises.

I can switch toes, which I just couldn't do. I can easily reach the ground with stretched legs... it's just great!

Thank you very much!

Karel S.

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