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Rolf therapy = an absolutely wonderful thing.

Ref. dated 8/6/2023, Mrs. Iva, 41 years old, all 10 sessions.

rolf therapy, work on the feet
Rolf therapy

Rolf therapy = an absolutely wonderful thing.

Very interesting and surprising therapy.

How little is enough to tell the body to function differently than before.

I am shortly after completing therapy and the feelings are positive.

I have a different posture, I calmed down.

I no longer wake up in the morning with back pain (even if they were small, they poisoned a person.)

The key was the sitting, when we set the body in a sitting position by the crib.

My daughter often wakes up at night and I spend a lot of time by her crib. It used to be with back pain. After adjusting my body to a position that suits my back and the whole body, I am pain-free and my body won't even let me go into the previous position that was unsatisfactory.

Super therapy for me with a super therapist.

Just so I could go again. It's addicting..

Thank you very much for everything Andy.

Sincerely, Iva

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